Saturday, June 21, 2008

Be Greatful for your life, Help Yuki

I've been blog hopping ever, and I read ella's latest blog entry on how we could be an angel to somebody.. So I clicked the link and read Yuki's story.. Hayy.. I really really feel for these sick kids, that's why I started MAY Birthday Project.. I feel more grateful for my life yet seeing them really saddens me.. I want them to get better and enjoy life like I'm enjoying it.. I may be sick, but that doesn't hinder me from loving my life..

I always feel happy helping people in my own little way.. I can't give them money, but I could offer them my love & support.. Ang drama! Pero true! All I can do is spred the word to ask for prayers and the appeal may reach the right authorities.. I also share my faith.. I'm a living proof that prayers can really move mountains.. Have faith and God will provide.. Of course we have to move our feet so that God can lead or steps..

My mom and I are kidding that my patients are increasing because sick kids I'm meeting keep on coming..

Adding to my list of patients is Myonique Belialba or Yuki.. Yuki is 5 months old and diagnosed with a rare congenital known as Biliary Atresia - a condition in newborn infants in which the common bile duct between the liver and the small intestine is blocked or absent. This uncommon disease affects 1 out of 20,000 infants and if unrecognized, may lead to liver failure. Her only hope now is a liver transplant in Taiwan with her mother as her donor.. She needs it in the next 3 months.. The medical procedure costs 4 Million Pesos that's why her family is appealing for hatever amount you could donate to help them raise funds.. Every cent counts..

Read Yuki's story here..


  1. hi sis i am a frequent visitor of your blog, dropping my cards here and reading you are an inspiration.

    i an adding u up in my blogroll, hope u can do the same with mine...but with or without an xlink, you will be seeing me here often.

    continue to inspire

  2. hi cielo! sure i'll link u as well.. maybe tomorrow.. i still need to make u a simple banner.. my ek-ek lang on my blogroll.. my pc has been reformated kasi and there's no photoshop pa.. basta i'll link u.. thanks! thanks! God bless!


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