Monday, June 23, 2008


Talitha, Maro & me went to Greenhills Promenade last Saturday to watch The Incredible Hulk.. I didn't heard it.. Not totally though.. I heard feedback sounds ever.. But, but, but, I also heard real sounds.. As in REAL kinda-CLEAR SOUND! It's non other than the sound effects from the fighting scenes which is a lot.. And I love every sound of it.. There is a scene where the sound from the gamma is quite loud and annoying (?) according to Talitha.. But I enjoyed that sound.. Haha. Plus! Plus! Plus! I love Liv Tyler's lips na.. Because I understand most of her dialogue.. I could read her lips.. Galing!

All in all, I know I understand the whole story and Aylabit! Another plus..

This is my 2nd time watching in a cinema with wheels and without hearing.. Greenhills cinema is sooo wheelchair friendly that's why I super love watching there.. They have balet parking for wheelchairs.. Joke! The guard walk (or rolled? haha) us on or designated place and after i settled on my sit, he drove away with my wheelchair for valet parking! Haha! Joke. Joke. Joke. Basta the guard fetch me with my wheelchair when the movie was done.. Kulit!

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