Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tita Yam is 46

Tita Yam is my constant chatmate in YM.. We chat almost everyday about anything under the sun and moon.. Actually, she's my godmother too..

I was chatting with her before and after Kariz' surprise debut party last March.. Michelle's debut, Kathreen's debut & Camille's debut.. Those surprise debut the GYA Peeps are doing for our friends.. She shared her memory of her 18th birthday as well.. It's not a nice memorable one.. Unforgettable yet disappointing because her 18th birthday was a less-than-ordinary day.. She said, she felt kinda envious to those who had their debut party.. During that kinda-dramatic chat, I was thinking that if only I could.. Right then and there, I had a very brilliant and funny idea.. I'll make her a video and pretend it's her 18th birthday on her 46th birthday..

so here:

btw, tita Yam is also my (fairy) godmother..

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