Sunday, June 15, 2008

Prayers move mountains

I received a text message from my nff (new found friend) Kat Soriano a while ago:
"[...] papatulong sana ako sayo, prayer for a cancer patient, mom siya ng friend ko.. may cancer sa lung.. kumalat na"

Let's pray for her friend's mom kahit na we don't know them..

Prayers move mountains!


  1. Hi Kcat! I hope your friend's mom will not suffer much. I pray for a miracle for her. My mom died in a rare form of kidney ailment, parang cancer na rin. So I can relate to what your friend is currently experiencing.

    Anyway, mind if we exchange links?

  2. Added u na rin! :) Salamat ha ;)

  3. Happy Monday! Enjoy the week ahead :)


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