Friday, July 24, 2015

Saturday Lunch with Damian

Damian Joseph is the 1st GYA Peeps baby. Not really the 1st GYA baby but Ysiad is the first mommy among GYA Peeps. GYA stands for Green Years Apartment; not only is it where we are currently living, it’s the place we all grew up to and it is where our friendship bloomed.

Last Saturday (July 18) we had lunch at Magnum Manila with Damian (Okay, including his parents Ysiad & Jepoy) We planned to go there when it opened last year but it suddenly rained (I think there was a storm and it didn’t push through,. We wanted to dine there and not just buy an ice cream. We wanted to sit inside. Haha.

We have to dine there before it closes on July 26. (We knew about it from the start; that the days it's open here in the PH are numbered) We have to. So, we immediately planned to go to Magnum Pleasure Store in SM Aura.

OTW SM Aura. I love Uber. 
Cajun Spiced Chicken Poppers

Bacon Fried Fries

Spinach Cannelloni

Magnum Bolognese

Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg

Magnum Burger

Damian wants to eat too

Winner! Free Magnum. Congrats Katren! 
 Of course our Magnun Pleasure Store wouldn't be complete without desserts. Magnum Ice!
Desserts! (Photo from Katren)

Longest Closest Bestest Friends (Photo from Ysiad)

more lakwatsa to come Damian!

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