Thursday, July 30, 2015

GYA Peeps went to London..chos!

Our #BabyLoveFansClubInternational couple, Noel & Marge invited us to dine with them or meet for coffee after their dinner last Friday. Then suddenly, we have another lakwatsa on Saturday Night. We all wanted to try Costa Coffee and Michelle really really wants to, so Eastwood on Saturday night it is!

Photo from Kathreen
All of our planned “lakad” are always pushing through, super planado or biglaang lakad, walang hindi natutuloy unlike before. We’ve changed. We are more lakwatseras and lakwatseros now. Haha.

Photo from Isjan
Photo from Isjan
Since Michelle wanted pasta, we had dinner at Pasto and then we hanged out at Costa. Kathreen had to leave coz she had to meet her friends in Megamall. It felt like we were transported to London. Haha. We liked their coffee and we’ll go to Costa in Rob Place with Damian soon. Currently, it isn’t open yet but it will (on July 31). Basta we’ll go there soon!

We went home at 12am coz Talitha & I needs to go to Bulacan for the 2nd Gift of Hearing Project. (I’m still writing about the event)


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