Saturday, July 25, 2015

Loyola with the (Yarza) Loyola

July 19 – Sunday.

 We went to Loyola Memorial Park to celebrate ME’s 2nd death anniversary. Her death anniv was really on July 9 but it was raining the weekend before that and the cousins & sister has a schedule Boracay trip with the GYA Peeps so we visited her grave (with Lolo Pete in it) 10 days after.

The trip included a sidetrip to Papa’s (GALS / Lolo Noning) grave since he’s just nearby. The distance is like Pag-Asa & M. Vasquez when they were still alive.

Yarza & Loyola + Mang + Andi

And there was also a special driving lesson for Talitha, Andi & Jenrik conducted by Bene & Camille. It was either the FX (Manual) or Starex (Automatic). Haha.

I just a had a long weekend full of lakwatsa last week but who said I can’t go out as often as I want? Of course I CAN LAKWATSA! :p Eastwood with the GYA Peeps later & Sta. Maria Bulacan for the Gift of Hearing Event tomorrow together with Talitha and her Miss Audiologist friends.

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