Saturday, November 8, 2014

3 bad tumors: Please help me shoo them away!

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MRI scan results are out and it’s 3 pages long! Meningioma. Schwannomas. Lesions. Mass. Soft tissue. Irregular. Abnormal enhancement. Definite progression. Tumors, tumors and more tumors all over my cranial MRI. Aside from the 4cm big bad brain tumor, there are also tumors on my optical wall (on each side) that needs to be treated. That’s 3 bad tumors! Hopefully the other tumors will remain small and behave forever!

It’s Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRT) times two that costs Php 593,450.00  and we need to raise it within this month.

Here’s the copy of the estimated price quotation we got from Medical City (the only hospital in the country that has this kind of treatment) – the red marks are the discount.

Here’s the plan according to Dr. Vega (radiation oncologist):
1st treatment will be the 2 tumors on my optic wall. That’ll be 5 sessions of SRT for 5 consecutive days and the best time to start with it is this month – November 2014. Then after a month of rest, probably on January 2015, the 2nd treatment will start to kill the big bad brain tumor that measures 3.6 x 4.8 x 4.4 cm. That’ll be 30 sessions of SRT for 30 consecutive days except on weekends.

Photo from google

This treatment is non-invasive meaning my head won’t be opened; the SRT beams will target the tumor/s from different directions and aim at it. There’ll be a certain number of dosages per day and I will be coming back and forth to the hospital for this. It’ll be about an hour or less and I can go home as soon as each treatment is over; there's no hospital stay.

Wondering about the side-effects? I got this from

Stereotactic radiotherapy treatment has fewer side effects than the usual type of radiotherapy. This is because less healthy brain tissue is exposed to radiation. You will not normally have hair loss, feel sick, or have any reddening of your skin. All these are common side effects of regular external beam radiotherapy to the brain. But you may feel very tired for a while afterwards.

Dr. Vega said that they’ll prevent the swelling stage by prescribing me with steroids to prevent the treated tumors from swelling.

My NF Friend Shiela Quiñones who had 28 sessions of SRT a couple of months ago to treat the tumors near her eyes had no side-effects, she’s even stronger now and her vision improved. Both of us have NF2 and with the same doctors; we both love the color purple too. Haha.

Our unplanned reunion (haha) at Mother Ignacia Healing Center yesterday was really a blessing. My mom is more at ease now after talking to Shiela and her mom about her improvements after SRT.

How about me? Like always, I’m not scared or worried. I’m not numb or something. That’s just how it is and my friend, Ferds reminded me yesterday why.

“Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?” — Mark 4:40

I have faith in myself, that I CAN do this!

Faith in people, that with your help, I will be able to get through this.

The biggest faith in God, that all these will be possible with Him!

God helps those who help themselves. Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa. It means that as long as we’re moving our feet forward, God will lead our steps. I can't walk but I choose to move forward with everything that I am and everything that I CAN.

We've already raised Php 200K+ and we need to raise about 300K-400K more. We can do this with your help! You can be my answered prayer by purchasing a shirt that I designed. You can also donate but if you can, please buy a shirt instead so that I am able to give you something in return for your kindness. I know it’s your hard-earned money and I don’t want to just easily get it from you.

These are not just shirts, every design has a special meaning for me; these are the words I live by.

Pope Francis are also available at the same price/s
Shirt designs by our family friend, Joel Ferrer

I’m knocking at the doors of your kind hearts to support this fund drive and help me achieve a better life. Please pray for me also! Prayers can move a mountain.

Get in touch with us!
Contact me (Kcat) at 0915-1325228 / 0923-5219600
or my mom, Madge Yarza at 0927-2459400

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  1. God is good Kcat. I always include you in my prayers. Kaya mo yan,♥


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