Thursday, October 30, 2014

Stiffed neck ...gone!

A miracle causes great happiness among people. From a biblical perspective, it is an event in the external world brought about by the immediate and simple volition of God. I do believe in miracles. They happen every single minute. There are no explanations necessary, they just happen, and we know that they do happen because we can feel them when they happen.

This is too good not to share, though I know some people won't believe me. But still, I want to share this amazing miracle that happened to me yesterday and how amazing God is!

I woke up with a stiffed neck.. NO!!! I kept on massaging my neck while praying. I can't have a stiffed neck yesterday coz it'll be really uncomfortable for me during my MRI. Though I'm already used to having a stiffed neck that usually gives me back pain too and lasts for at least 3 days. But I have an MRI & I need to lie on my back for more than an hour without moving! I know how uncomfortable it'll be because I already had an MRI while having a stiffed neck back in 2005 when I was not this weak yet. It was already painful & uncomfortable, what more now right?

I was thinking & praying, "Lord, please please please take this away." While I was taking a bath, I kept on massaging my neck coz it really hurts!

And then my mom said that on my last bath, I should pour some of the water we got from Mother Ignacia Healing Center yesterday in preparation for my MRI, hoping to wash away my brain tumor/s. I did. Then while I was drying myself with towel, I noticed that I can be able to move my head freely from left to right & vise versa. The pain was suddenly gone! It was really amazing!!!! I'm not sure if you'll believe me, basta ang galing! Promise!

It is faith that makes miracles happen. According to our faith, so shall it be done.

I encourage you to visit Mother Ignacia Healing Center in Novaliches, QC. It too far, but it's worth the travel coz I feel greatly comforted with prayers after. Thanks to Sr. Eva & the FMA sisters for telling us about this place. :)

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