Sunday, October 5, 2014

Suddenly, it's ramen night with the GYA Peeps!

The GYA Peeps & I were looking forward to try Ippudo at Megamall (Mega Fashion Hall) but not this soon coz we still have other plans.We were talking about ramen & stuff the other night then yesterday afternoon, bigla nalang may lakad ... ramen at Ippudo! Thank you for not showing up yesterday traffic & rain. And thank you for lining up Katren Banix coz when we arrived, we were already in front, just waiting for the others to come.

Photo from Katren Banix' IG
The best part is, we got to eat for free. Kinda. But not really. It's still our own money. We started this 10-pesos-a-day ipon since January 1 that will finish on November 31 so that we can have our 'ber month food trip' without worrying about our budget. It's not that much but that's way way way better than no ipon at all, right? Some of us are doing the revised version of the 52-Week Money Challenge too. I'll tell you about it come December. :)

20% discount = 90.18
This was my receipt, it was separated from theirs coz mine have 20% discount. Thanks to my newly renewed PWD ID! I forgot to take a picture of my foods coz I was too busy eating. Haha. There's no before & after pics of our foods too. :P
Got this from Ta's FB
Yesterday's also our friend Ysiad's birthday so this is also a celebration for her...wala nga lang siya :P

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