Sunday, October 5, 2014

Too good to be true, but it's really true!

My mom always massages my legs with Oleia. Today, Lastnight, when I scratched my legs while I was in bed lastnight, I was surprised when I can't touch the tumor on my right lower leg. I was too sleepy to find it, so I just told Talitha to send me a message on Viber that my tumor is missing. :P I found it today and it shrunk in size. I think it's only 1/4 in size compare to my June 2010 blog post. Amazing!

Amazing, right?

My head often feels disoriented and it often hurts since June but I told my mom about it just last month. When she found out, she started massaging my head with Oleia every night, before or while I was sleeping. A couple of days ago, my head feels normal again. No more heavy and weird feeling on my head and not much nerve pain on the head too (there's still nerve pain, but not that often anymore).

Whenever I have a nerve pain in any part of my body, I or my mom would massage it with Oleia and the pain would always either minimize or disappear. This is so true!

When something itchy and I have rash, my mom would tell me to put Oleia on it to stop the itchiness and avoid scarring. Yes, it often relieves the itchiness. (Off! lotion works for me too)

I wonder if Oleia Cetylated Topical Oil is really the culprit in all this. I really hope it is.

***I wasn't paid to write this nor is this a sponsored post. Naaaliw kasi ako! Super nakakatuwa. Ang galing! Of course, every massage comes with a prayer. :)

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