Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monday holiday with the fam (after CT Scan)

Yesterday, after my CT scan (will write about it after my check-up on Thursday) at PGH-FMAB, of course off we went to its next door neighbor, Robinsons Place to have our very very late lunch, merienda and early dinner in one.

From PGH parking lot to Rob Place parking
Talitha & I were thinking of dining at Bistro Ravioli but we found out there were a lot of Restos that are nowhere to be found already and Bistro Ravioli is one of them. :/ We settled for The Old Spaghetti House instead.
Pasta, Pizza & Rice meal

It was okay. There's really nothing special about the food, I think.

♥ My cheerleaders for the day ♥
Uuwi na sa probinsya :P

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