Friday, November 16, 2012

Your blood can help Joshua Esteras in his fight against the big C

I got this from Ate Jamie's wall in Facebook. Originally posted by Gelsie-Julianna Riel Tacata.. ·Read on.

My dear friends,

Joshua Esteras, 15-year old, is in need of a blood transfusion. He's confined at the Philippine Children's Hospital in Quezon Ave., QC.

Below is his message. If I can only ask 5 minutes of your time guys. Please read. :)
I used to be an average 15 year old guy who has many goals and dreams in life. I love hanging out with my buds, play mindless hours of video games and play some awesome musical instruments. On a fateful February 11, I was diagnosed with ALL cancer
, or Leukemia, or cancer of the blood, whatever you like to call it. My heart sank, cause I knew from then on that I would have to do some major adjusting. I never knew that I would get this. My life plans were ruined. But that didn't stop me, I fought everyday. I battled sickness, intense pain, fatigue, tiredness, heck I stood on death's doorsteps and stared him in the eye when I got a Septic Shock, which the mortality rate was 25% - 50%. Everyday, I woke up, thank God and tell cancer, "Not today, mofo." Eventually, I told myself that I will get back up on my feet and start over. I planned out again my life and I was steadily get back on track.
Until just last Wednesday, I had to most gut-wrenching news... Apparently, my cancer got it's revenge. I had a relapse. Meaning that, my cancer is steadily coming back again. I got depressed and my heart sank even lower than before. 10 months of intense Chemotherapy, gone to waste, down the drain, start over again from the very beginning. My plans again are broken, and now I sit, in quite a pickle. (Dark Souls reference lol) I don't know if I can finish my school, since I'm gonna be having a more intense Chemotherapy, another 10 months, either stuck in a hospital bed, or at home just resting. But I'm keeping my optimism high, I shall not lose this fight, even if it takes years, I will get better. 
Now I ask for your favor guys. I am in need of a blood transfusion, because my white blood cell and platelet count is extremely low, I am easily prone to infection. So if you are willing, or if you have friends, family, relatives, anyone who can donate blood, please, message me. I will be ever so grateful, if you can't, its fine, I just ask then for your prayers, but not just for me. I want you guys to pray, for every single suffering cancer patient out there, who is fighting valiantly, for those patients who can't afford the same treatments as I am, and for all those sick and dying right now. Every single prayer counts, and I hope that God may hear all of them and cure us all.
Thanks guys for reading. I really appreciate it. :)


Patient's Name: Joshua Esteras
Diagnosis: ALL cancer / Septic Shock
Hospital: Philippine Children's Medical Hospital (PCMH), Quezon Ave., QC
Blood Type: B (whole blood)

Kind donors may get in touch with the hospital. Please mention name of patient. Blood swapping/replacement is allowed.

You may also get in touch with his sister,
Moppet Esteras-Carlos
at 0908-8828252 or 0927-6870413

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