Friday, November 16, 2012

Just saying..

"...Now that I have fully accepted everything about my condition and have regained my strength, I am able to enjoy everything I do, even waiting in line. I do get bored when I really have nothing to do, who doesn’t anyway? Especially when there is no internet connection and I can’t check my Facebook, Twitter or browse the web. But I always made sure to find something to do and to keep myself occupied. I really don’t like being idle, for me it is really a waste of time. I would rather do something totally nonsense than doing nothing at all." (Me? Bored? Far from it!)

Besides, who likes boredom anyway?
But most people would often complain whenever they had loads of things to do and deadlines to meet. And then complain again when they have nothing to do again.

"I really like it when I am busy and have a lot of things I need to do and deadlines to finish. I would often get confused with what I should start first and end up doing everything all at once, which is really confusing and stressful that can lead to a seizure; but luckily, I am already able to control it. I just need to do some breathing exercises once in a while and stretch my arms. In my mind, I say, “Thank you Lord”, not because He prevented me from having a seizure, but because I thank Him for the things that I am busy with. Doing so much work means I am doing a lot, that I CAN, and being given a couple of tasks means many people trust me and rely on what I am doing."  (Me? Bored? Far from it!)

Some may complain that it is easier said than done, but it’s not really the case. Yes, life is hard, but doing the things that you can is not really that hard. It all depends on you and your attitude." (Leading an extraordinary life.)

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