Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Share the Christmas spirit with our distressed "kababayans" on the desert

I got this from Jen Arellano - an angel on the desert ♥

Christmas is just around the corner...Some of us have almost finished on our Christmas list…Some cargo boxes are already sealed and ready to be shipped to loved ones anytime…Some of us had already plan for “the event” – Christmas parties, family reunions, and others already booked for vacation
But Christmas is more than those –
It’s about sharing our blessings to the needy;It’s about giving love to our fellow to the best way we can;It’s about reaching out people and letting them feel that someone care and love them. This Christmas, let our distressed OFW “kababayans” feel our warmth love and care to them…
Share our blessings in any forms.Express our love by reaching out to them.
Once more, I am humbly knocking on your good heart to be with me in cooperation with SFC Qatar Social Ministry in reaching our distressed OFW kababayans who are now under the custody of OWWA. By sharing our blessings through giving we will be able to reach out people and let them feel the true spirit of Christmas.
I already started receiving some stuffs such as used clothes. As of now, we have 80 women kababayans who are under the custody of OWWA, who needs our help, support and love to fight their battle against abuse, trauma and threats they experienced from their employer.
Most of the things they needs are toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, towel, etc.). Any donations, in kind or in cash will be accepted.
Small things to us are big help for them. This Christmas Season let us put smiles to their face and warmth their heart with love.
If you have anything that you want to hand with them – donations or pledges (in cash or in kind), kindly approach me or to whom you get this email. Rest assured that all your gifts will be given to them.
Share your blessings….Give Love…Reach Out….And be a part of the gift giving to be held onDecember 8, 2011 at POLO/ OWWA Ground, Doha Qatar 
It’s not how much you give but the love you put into giving.

If you you're in Qatar & you wish to donate / join,
feel free to contact Jen Arellano at:

Mobile: (00974) 55003586
Address: Al Naseer Building Mansoora, Doha Qatar (at the back of Royal Restaurant)

Office address: 
Procurement Department 
Sky Oryx Joint Venture
New Doha International Airport Project (NDIA)
P.O Box 55873

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