Monday, November 21, 2011

1 movie to go. 1 year of waiting na naman. Naman!

Our own version:

OCD mode. Obsessive Cullen Disorder.

Pwede namang wala ng part 1 & 2. There were dragging scenes peo sige na nga, whatevs. Pero okaaaay, it was much better than the first 3 sequels, mas-movie na ang dating. Ano yung nauna, skit? ;P

And it was twice as fun coz mega bonding with the GYA peeps. :)

(plus 3 peeps who aren't in the pic)

at sira na naman ang elevator.. but of course, go go go pa rin. i used the stairs. corny, walang pic. :/

with the special participation of:
Papa John & Katren Banix

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