Friday, November 18, 2011

Toys for Joy 2011 by Touch of Ellehcar

Touch of Ellehcar Outreach Program started in 2009 by the owner Rachelle Gregorio and some of her close friends. It's their way of giving back all the blessings they have received.
"I do believe that we were all created for a reason. We may have different views of our purpose in life, but in the end, we all agree that we are meant for something or someone in our life.. 
It has been my greatest deeds to share my blessings to other people. Mostly to people whom I don't know or people I haven't heard of. Early in life, I've learned that life is tough so I have to be tough. I experienced hardship along the way, countless trials and excruciating pains. I endured all of this with the help of people who cheered me up, guided me and lead me to the right direction to where I am right now. If not for them, my life should have ended on different path.
I knew that I have moral obligations to share the blessings that I have. Same what other people have done to me when I was in need through those difficult times in my life.
Now I am living on this principle of sharing my blessings. I may have not much monetary fund to share, but my knowledge and expertise can also be shared to others. It is only up to us how we are going to give back all the things that we have today for the benefit of those people that needed it most. This is my way of being happy through giving happiness to other people."

Rachelle Gregorio
In the span of 2 years, they have already made a lot of people smile with their numerous number of successful projects; 500 Cupcakes for Kariton Kids, Operation Smile, Toys for Joy, Push for Education, to name a few.

And once again Touch of Ellehcar is giving back this Christmas with Toys for Joy (Part 2).

Christmas is a time for celebrating with family and friends, enjoying good food and special treats, the joyous sounds of happy children exploring presents left beneath the tree. Yet, many children, right in our own community, will not know what most of us take for granted.

TOYS FOR JOY are reaching out to impact the lives of underprivileged children at this special time of year.

We hope you too will be one of the many who experiences the satisfaction received from giving to those in need this year.

We have lots of volunteer opportunities the day of the event, Saturday, December 3, 2011.

We're still calling other members to join us in our project "TOYS for JOY"
Help us bring happiness this Christmas, sponsor 1 or more children, Maximize your gift giving by donating gifts that meet the real needs of orphaned.

*to provide 100 New toys
*to provide 100 set of meals
*to give a Christmas party to the orphans

Date: December 3,2011

To volunteer, donate or sponsor, please call or text 09275042796.

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