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KCAT CAN: There's truth in fantasy

There's truth in fantasy
by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza 
November 7, 2011

Credence is to believe and to trust the truth about something. It is that on which our faith lies.

I am not really an avid reader of fantasy books, but once I start reading one, I always feel like I am being transported into a world of make-believe, mesmerized, and never letting go of the book until I finish reading it down to the last page.

It was fun reading “The Seven: The Key of Credence,’’ a book that made me feel like a teenager again. I can definitely relate to the youthful curiosity and love of adventure of the main character Ryan Trish and her friends.

The Key of Credence tells us about Ryan and her friends and their experience in an entirely new world — one that involves the Heavens and the Helles. Reading it, I am transported to Sactae Mundus and Intero Regnum, two of the fictional places in the book. The places are so beautifully described that I see the vivid imagery in my mind.

From among the many conversations in the story, two have touched my heart.

The first one speaks of finding courage and hope from unexpected people and unexpected places. For example:

“It’s pretty childish I know, but because of that I never lose my courage to face whatever comes my way. It’s like... I always anticipate someone… something to support me whenever I needed it. And guess what, the imaginary assistance I need never fails to back me up on the verge of giving up.”

“Imaginary?” Ryan asked skeptically, one eyebrow raised, “Like imaginary friends?” “I mean like , when I least expect it, a friend, a relative, and even a complete stranger would miraculously appear and lend their hand to whatever difficulties I was going through. It was like someone told them, pushed them to help me.”

The other one speaks of friendship, loyalty, and faith – faith in oneself, faith in others, and faith in God above all things…

“You must understand that the most important thing apart from religion is your faith Trish, your faith in Him. And when you believe, you would follow what He had said. And that is to spread love around you. If you did just that, what possibility for any of you to not be saved then, when the time of judgment comes?”


This book was written by a full-blooded Filipino, Veronica Mist, proving that Filipinos can also create wonderful fantasy stories, similar to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Twilight and so on. Book publisher Josephine Litonjua of Ishin Dream Publishing said: “I wanted to show the world that Filipinos are equally or maybe more than talented than writers abroad.”

I am likewise proud of Veronica Mist. She is a close friend of my best friend Ysiad in high school. Upon learning that Veronica wrote a fantasy book, memories of some 13 years ago flashed back when Ysiad would tell me that she had a friend who loved to write stories about the paranormal, the supernatural, her own fantasy world. That friend turned out to be Veronica Mist, now a published author.

To the beautiful and magical story, Veronica also added a twist of war in the human soul, about the end of the world, and also of God’s unwavering love, incorporating moral lessons in the story that will surely touch the heart and soul of the reader.

“Maybe I’m just too ambitious, but still I want to teach today’s younger generation, especially teenagers who have been losing their morals, respect and dignity because of the environment they’ve grown into.” Veronica shares.

“The Seven: The Key of Credence by Veronica Mist” is available at Powerbooks and National Bookstore. You may also purchase it from me for the same price where part of the proceeds will go to my medical funds. Veronica Mist and Isshin Dream Publishing are willing to give me a certain percentage from the sales of the book I get to sell. Not only will they be able to reach more booklovers to read the book, moreover, they will have reached my heart with their helping hands. You can purchase the book by visiting my website or contact me at 0906-3360757.

“Do not be afraid. Because if you let these fears consume you, you’ll most likely fail even before everything else starts.”


Veronica Mist & Isshin Dream Publishing reached my heart with their helping hands. If you purchase this from me, part of the proceeds will go to my medical funds. For Php350 each, not only will you be able to read a beautiful magical story, you are also helping me as Publish Postwell.

*** You can give this book as a gift this Christmas too. :)

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