Friday, December 2, 2011

CDO Bloggers:Project Cadayunan Primary School

the Cagayan De Oro Bloggers will hold an outreach program in the newly opened public primary school in Besigan. Cadayunan Primary School is 52 kilometers away from the city proper and most of the people in the area are farmers with no regular transportation except dump trucks provided by the city government to help the people transport their farm products. Before it the school was operational, the cildren used to walk 12 kilometers to and fro everyday to reach the nearest school. This resulted to in-attendance; most of them was skipping school and eventually stopped going to school.

In July of this year, Cadayunan Primary School allowed the residents of Besigan to have access to primary education. Currently the school has 60-80 primary pupils with 2 teachers. But since they have just started operating, the school is in dire need of learning materials and teaching materials for the students and teachers to effectively guide and teach these eager kids.

Each of the members of Cagayan de Oro Bloggers have committed to help through cash and in-kind donations. They are planning to donate books and other scholl materials that may be beneficial to the learning process of the pupils.

I have learned about this advocy from one of my blogger friends, Mommy Dharlz. Their objective is to donate books and other supplementary learning materials and to conduct a feeding activity there which is scheduled today, December 2. But we are not late yet. It is just the first because the CDOBloggers are planning to continuously reach out to the school.

The CDOBloggers are appealing for our support in this advocacy. If you wish to help or take part of this, you may emaill: They are also accepting Paypal donations at: Whatever you may contribute, it will surely go a long way. This would also be a wonderful early Christmas gift for them too.

Check out Mommy Dharlz' blog entry about this cause.

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  1. Thanks Kcat.. We just arrived and we are looking forward for the next visit.. Thanks so much..


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