Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm super happy to be APO NI GALS!

December 17. It's Papa (Lolo)'s Birthday today. Although he already passed away 11 years ago, we can still feel his presence whenever we have a (Lopez) family gathering. No, it's not that we can't get over his passing, but we are happy, we had him in our lives.

Apo ni GALS

When he was still alive, he would always call everyone during weekend to have a family bonding / get-together. As in weekly. He would always ask us to do a mini-variety show where we sing, dance & act - all for the sake of FUN! Papa would always say: "Program. Program tayo." I remember him dancing the Macarena with us. Kahit pa-ulit-ulit every week, go! Good times.

Anak ni GALS

Most of the time, he would 'borrow' us, his APOs, and have us stay at their house on weekends and summer vacations. When any of his sons & daughters marry, he would always say, "Basta bigyan niyo ko ng madaming apo." (something like that). And during summer/holy week, the whole Lopez family would go to Agno, Pangasinan. Tree house. Kasoy. Mga puno ng papa. Pagsusunog ng goma. Ta* ng kalabaw. Hahaha. Chico in Lingayen. Saya-saya!

Asawa ni GALS (Mang & Papa)

Whenever we need a ride, he would always be ready to fetch us with his owner type Jeepney a.k.a. Jeep ni GALS. Anywhere. Everywhere. Muntinlupa. Pasig. Navotas. Makati. Cainta. Mandaluyong. Boni. Go!

Graciano Altre Lopez Sr.,
Thank you so so so much!

Happy Birthday too Tita Angie!

Agno, Pangasina - Summer '90s

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