Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An IPAD for me!

When I received the Nuffnang's notification regarding the Goldilocks contest, I told myself, "Big change in life? Madami ako nyan!"
But I was busy that time.. Then lazy.. Then busy again.. And then Ate Berry Tsinay messaged me in Facebook..
I commented on her entry and she encouraged me again to join..
Then I read the contest details again.. Goldilocks logo changed! Then I remember the Goldilocks branches I go to changed as well; it change its looks, ambiance and presentation/packaging which is more modern, but it's still the same Goldilocks we grew up to and come to love. With that in mind, I felt like I'm Goldilocks too (no, not the girl with the 3 bears ;P).

Ate Berry asked me again..
after a month..

My first reaction was: Uy, Goldilocks in Shaw Blvd! Nice. That's just near our place.. About 5 minutes away, or less.. I asked my mom to confirm my attendance, there wasn't a specified time yet.. But I'm going anyway (with my mom of course ..and dad - to drive for us ;P)..
After eating the meal they served us and the program they prepared (plus the game, which I enjoyed. pero di obvious ;P)

And the announcement of winners started.

Most Eloquent Blog was Yoshke.. Biggest Change Blog was Marian who wasn't able to attend.. Most Creative Blog was Divine Viva.. They all got an Apple ITOUCH each..
Once I saw the yellow background & purple text.. I was so happy.. I WON!

ang gulo ko magsalita ever.. pero ang gusto kong iparating: na kahit daming changes sa buhay ko, ako pa rin si kcat.. parang goldilocks, kAhit nagbago itsura nya, mukhang classy & modern na sya.. sya pa rin ang goldilocks na kinalakihan at gusto nating lhat..
Ms. Pinky (the marketing manager of Goldilocks) let my mom talk..
Nagdaldal ever.. ;P

Congratulations to us!

Photobooth with Edward Mendez who plays Mark Laurel in Magkaribal

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  1. congratulations kcat! those ipad looks really beautiful!


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