Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dr. Kcat

I often saw a mother with many bumps on the skin (in different sizes) in front of our school gate dropping and fetching her son to school. When I saw her, I thought, maybe she has a skin disease or something. I had no idea what it was nor am I curious. All I know is she's a schoolmate's parent.
When I was diagnosed with NF2 and I knew what Neurofibromatosis Type 1 & Type 2 is, I remembered her and wondered for a while and concluded that she has NF1.

Yesterday, after the Alagang Kapatid episode that featured me and Neurofibromatosis, someone contacted my mom and told her that she wanted to visit me in our home since she is just from pag-asa, a barangay/street near our place.. as in super near.

The lady came. She has lots of bumps on her skin. She has NF1. My mom and her was talking with each other and I was staring. It seems like I saw her somewhere before, then I kept reading on my mom's mouth "..DBS.." Oh! She was the mom who I diagnosed with NF1 in my mind. Haha.

I said: "Excuse me, may anak ka po ba sa dbs nung highschool pa ko? Tapos lagi kang nasa gate? Nakikita kasi kita sa gate before. Lagi kasi ako late pumasok."

Alas! It was her, and her son was my sister's batchmate..

with Tita Loida

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