Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost Almost Blind Right Eye

I always check the vision of my right eye by closing my left eye and using just my right to see.. and then I was surprised to see than I can't see anything on my right anymore.. I can only see a major major super blurry light.. the silhouette image I used to see before is nowhere to be found..

i edited a picture to show how my right vision used to be and how it is now..

i used this pic:

this is what I used to see before:
almost blind. I can still identify the colors & there's still a shape and light & dark colors..

and this is how it looks like now:
waaaah! imagine my shock..

But I thought at first that my eye is just dirty so I asked my mom, "Ma, may muta ba mata ko?" But she just cleaned it a while ago.. :(

I had a check-up with my eye doctor yesterday..

I will undergo a Partial Tarsorrhaphy wherein my eyelids will be partially sewn together to narrow the opening and save my eyes from too much exposure.. W'll be meeting the surgeon next week for evaluation.. and have the surgery soon..

Ayun, magiging CHINITA na ko! hahaha! ;P


  1. Hi Kcat! Praying for you my friend. Here's to fast recovery after your surgery. And healing is still yours! I love you. Take care and say hi to madge, Tal and Egay for me.:) -daniel

  2. hi Kcat :)
    I prayed for your successful operation...sana ok na ang vision mo 'pag nagkita tau :0) lapit na yon. Next week na ang uwi ko and you are one of the first person na imi-meet excited to meet you.
    And bukas na yong concert di ba, hopefully maging successful din. Stay healty ha and wag masyadong magpagod esp.eyes mo.
    Take care.
    God bless

  3. Meron palang ganung surgery. :)

    Happy Teachers' Day for someone who inspires a lot. God bless.

    Trivia: Today's captcha is "kinglati." Wonder what it means.

  4. naku sana maging ok ang lahat. nagulat ako dito sa post mo.

    haha maging tsinita ba, naging kagaya nung mga korean novela na pinapanood mo

    pero sana gumaling na yang eye mo, para back to normal

  5. @ate berry: makiki-tsinay na rin ako sayo.. haha

  6. My prayers are always with you.

  7. thank you everyone! God bless!

  8. Hope it goes well and that it will be better very soon.


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