Friday, August 1, 2008

6 (plus 6) Quirky Things

I was tagged by my very cool friend, MommyCool.. Actually, she already tagged me with this kind before.. Eh I got tagged uli eh.. And I wanna answer it again.. And I won't include anymore what I had already mentioned before.. So, this is my new set of my 6 quirky things.. Yeah, I'm weird!

The Rules
* Link to the person who tagged you.
* Mention the rules.
* Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
* Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.
* Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment to let them know that they’ve been tagged.

My Quirks

  1. I don't use safeguard white.. I hate its smell.. If i the soap in the bathroom is safeguard white, I hurriedly call my mom to replaced it with any other bath soap..
  2. I love 3 Musketeers Chocolate.. but if it's not available anymore on local stores.. So 3 Musketeers is always on my top list of pasalubong from whoever is the balikbayan or balikbayan box..
  3. I don't like peanuts on my chocolate.. Either I won't eat it or I'll remove the peanuts on it..
  4. I have fear in sharp kitchen knives.. I dunno how and why.. But I'm not afraid of other sharp objects that isn't used in the kitchen..
  5. I am very patient but I am very direct and confrontational when the situation calls for it.
  6. I love making new friends..There were a couple of instances when I became friends with some impossible people.. No, not a celebrity.. Basta basta! :P

I'm now tagging: ate cielo, ate adie aka sasha, ate mommy berry tsinay, ella ganda :) ok na yan..


  1. thanks!!! i'll post this one some day. too many tags on the line-up

    pero continue sending me those tags hehehe i love answering and posting them on my blogs

  2. Girl, nakakahiya pero nagawa ko na sa wakas ang tag mo sa aking 'to! Hahaha

    Sorry it took me so long ha :) And thanks again for tagging. Wag ka sanang magsawa.


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