Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Amazing! God is Amazing!

After seeing Anna Marie Infante's multiply site and reading her story..

I told myself..
I'll post an entry about her and link her in my blog.. I'll also make her a banner..
I felt like that's not enough..
Ok, I'll buy hats from her..
Kulang pa..
I want to make friends with her.. I felt like I need to keep her motivated in fighting and share my experiences to her.. I don't know her .. I wanna know and I want her to know me..

And now we're friends!

Ang galing! coz God really made us meet..

While we're chatting in yahoo messenger (which is not the 1st time.. 2nd or 3rd)
annamarie_infante: lam m napanod ko na kaw s probe.lam m isa ka nga s mga naginspire skn na gawin to.

annamarie_infante: pero d ako nwwlan pgasa. lam m pnagtgpo tlga tau ni God!amazing! kc npanod tlga kta nun pramis. kw ung ngbbnta ng tshrt wid help of a frnds ryt? i really admire u!

tacK: hindi ako yun.. joke. ;P

I was so touched! Super wow! Ang galing lang.. She's doing what she's doing because she was inspired by a stranger.. Eh ako pala yun! Hehe!

Btw, she'll have her regular dialysis tomorrow.. Let's pray for her.. Always! Prayers move mountains and I can testify to that.. She wasn't suppose to have her dialysis this week because they are short of money to pay for it.. But on the last minute, someone donated her money for it.. Galing diba? God always provide..

Pray for her ah! A prayer is super strong.. Oh diba I could hear the world na.. Soon I'll be able to hear the world clearly.. My hEAR Campaign was so successful because of all your prayers..

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