Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pray tayo

Please pray for my friends will be taking the PT (Physical Therapy) board exams this weekend.. I'm so glad to be one of their patients during their intern at POC (Philippine Orthopedic Center).. Eventhough I've only have them as a therapists for a month, that's already enough to start a great new friendship with them.. And we continue communicating and being friends up to now.. May first question every time I'll have a new PT intern assigned to me is "May friendster ka? Add mo ko" Haha! Then chika chika.. I'm so grateful that I could read their lips naman.. Our resting always become chikahan time.. Sometimes, my physical therapy session lasts for 2hours.. Just because of the daldalan a.k.a. resting time.. Haha! Things like these makes my 'being sick' more positive.. I remember one of my pt friend and textmate Jen told me before: "sana di ka nalang nagkasakit".. I told her "kung di ako nagkasakit, di tayo nagkakilala" and I'm glad.. I'm not happy that I'm sick but I'm super glad with all the things that's happening because I'm sick.. Daming blessings!

Ayun nga, let's pray for my PT friends and their friends as well and all those who'll take the board exams today.. Thanks!

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