Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pls spread..hopefully it'll end up in the inbox of som1 who knows her

I got this from:

Yes we can make a difference.. Pass this on..

Forwarded Message:

Just a favor that would not cost u anything… Please send this to everybody u know. These pictures were given to me by a concerned colleague. This Filipina has been in Rashid Hospital (Dubai) for almost a year now. She did not have any identifying documents when she was rushed to the hospital. Now, this is her current picture taken at the hospital. If you would care to know, she could not talk yet. Her accident may have harmed her locomotors.

A few days ago, something came up. She was identified as Baikan Musa. Just a hunch, this girl may be from the southern part of the Philippines. Guys, please try to pass this around that it may eventually end up in the inbox of someone who personally knows this girl. Hopefully we could make a difference in her fate.

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