Saturday, July 26, 2008

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I AM KCAT: My Story far
this is the AVP I made for my so-called speech..

Mami: "bitin!"
tacK: "siyempre buhay pa ko"

***thanks to Cris for slicing my News Central, Probe & YSpeak video and for teaching me how to convert and reduce my video file size..


  1. Truly , your life is so amazingly encouraging , because of you, we can see God is alive, and because of your help, Katrina is now schedule for operation.

    We love you so much, Your Katrina's angel to us. You give us will to go on in times of hardships.May God bless you more,because you bless others.

    Ate Karen & Kuya John

  2. I'm looking forward for me & katrina hear and talk to each other.. soon!


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