Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What do you want?

i want to hear (the noise of the world). i want to move my left arm and hand. i want to write. (i'm a lefty) i want to draw. i want to paint. i want to stand alone without falling. i want to walk. i want to jump. i want to run. ("run, jump, play, make noise but do not sin"-don bosco haha!) i want to see the world clearly. i want to move my facial muscles. (i want to cry? nah.. ) i just want tears. (my eyes are very dry and i need an eye drop for it to moist) i want to close my eyes properly. i want to smile. i want to feel hot/cold water when poured to my left part of the body. i want my tumors to stop growing. i want to get better.

no i'm not on a drama mode noh.. feel ko lang.. kasi fr. elis asked me to write a letter to Jesus tapos sulat ko daw wish ko coz he'll be going somewhere (out of the country) basta dadalhin nya dun.. eh yan.. i just thought of blogging it lang.. ang cute eh.. :P eh yan ang wish ko eh.. simple things lang that we sometimes (or alot of times) take for granted.. aminin! ;P

of course u (my readers) have those things that i want na.. so what do you want?

p.s. i can't do those things but i'm ok naman.. really!


  1. ako i want world peace.. hehehe.. ok lang yun tack... lets all be happy what god give to us..

  2. This is beautiful. It reads like poetry.

    Me? I want freedom from the barrage of thoughts in my mind, sometimes.



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