Saturday, April 12, 2008

to hEAR list

-mama by IL Divo (c/o tita yam)
-hear maro singing
-hear maro reading
-spice girls' new song
-new songssss
-ivan's profile in friendter (bg song)
-high school musical
-jepoy's voice
-adoodoodoo (tama kaya yung tonong naiisip ko?)
-hawak kamay (lagi ko kasi nababaa eh.. naiintriga lang ako)
-inglisherang dane
-dom's voice (kahit mama, papa pa lang sinasabi niya)
-ysiad the chinese

-new songs
-voices of people i met starting 2006, my NFF (new found friends)
-michelle's loud voice (miss ko na)
-jayjay's mama-nic voice (dj voice daw)
-"oo" sung by talitha karisse lopez yarza
-pacoy's music
-siling giniling (c/o jaja)
-dra.chiong, dra. ongchuan, dr. santos, dra. quintos, leah my ot, ria my pt, other therapists from poc, ms. maribel, other doctors, nurses or whatever..
-cathie ni moises
-april ni t2 jim
-jb ni celina
-bps ni talitha
-cry ni baby timmy, baby lyric, baby angel, pati si cutie ethan
-my cellphones' tone (super di ko alam.. vibrate lang)

when i was doing this list, i was wondering if i'll get to post this on my blog.. if i'll get to really hear these things.. ang drama! eh yun.. i posted it na.. kasi may8 is the big day.. pray for me.. :)

ikaw, what do u want me to hear?

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