Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May 16

eeeww ba? yehey yan! :P
(i blurred the pic para hindi nakakasindak)

the stitches we're removed last friday, april18.. wala lang.. i just sat there.. parang kinukutuhan or kinakalkal lang balakubak mo.. hehe. let's make it more sosyal.. i'll repeat.. like i'm having a hair treatment in a salon.. pero doctor's clinic talaga.. :P i didn't felt a bit pain.. it's kinda itchy lang.. ayun. tapos. next patient na.. ii'll come back to get my speech processor on may16.. huh?! not may8? yes, you read it right, may 16.. eh kasi my wound should be fully healed before it gets activated to avoid infection.. that means i won't be hearing on my birthday (may13).. but it's ok, i'll celebrate naman on may17 at pgh eh.. ok na rin!

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