Friday, April 11, 2008

I'll hEAR u on May8!

woohoo! i'm back from my operation last tuesday morning (april8).. after 6hours inside the operation room, and 2 hours in the recovery room, i was back to my room.. at nag-text kagad! wahaha! the first thing that came to my mind when i was already back to my senses in the recovery room was: "madami na siguro akong new messages sa cellphone?"
wahaha! then i realized, i got a cochlear implant na.. woohoo! super happy! when i got back, my head/neck was kinda stiffed and my head kinda hurt.. slight lang.. after a while, wala na! i could move my head and neck freely, i don't feel any pain, no headache, no dizziness.. as in wala.. parang wala lang.. my head is just kinda heavy because of the thick bandage around my head.. the doctors and nurses keep on asking me if i feel nauseous, if i feel like vomiting, or whatever.. my answer was "nothing", then i asked my mom, "ano ba dapat mararamdaman ko?" hehe. then another miracle happened again.. eh gusto ko miracle yun eh.. :P when i woke up yesterday morning, my mom said, "uuwi ka na" wow! after 2 days from my operation, i'm already ok? galing! a lot of people are praying for my fast recovery kasi eh.. nakulitan siguro si Lord, kaya binilisan niya.. hehehe. i was expecting to stay in the hospital for 5-7days.. ang bilis talaga! amazing! :P

i still can't hear, but i'm a step closer to hearing again.. super close na! the speech processor will be attached behind my left ear, then it'll be turned-on, on may8! then i'll be able to hear the noise of the world! woohoo!

i know this hearing thing is just part of the problems (?) i'm encountering because of NF2, there are still a lot to "get better from".. foods and things are the only "instant" in this world, not life.. u have to live day by day.. basta i know i'll get better.. i am getting better.. little by little.. it's ok, i'm not in a hurry.. take ur time.. wahaha!

******i already uploaded the pics here..


i'm excited for may8!!!! :)


  1. Wow, congratulations and my wishes for a super fast recovery!

    I'm amazed with your optimism and faith. Keep it up and God bless you more! :D

  2. wishing you a fast recovery as well. my prayers are with you.

    makoy :)

  3. thanks kcee & makoy.. God bless! :)


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