Friday, May 27, 2016

I am ready for my next cranial surgery but...

I have already recovered from the open-brain surgery as soon as it finished last April 11, 2016. I regained my full-consciousness at once after the medical team have successfully removed my 6 centimeter brain tumor and closed my head. I woke up at once. I was already 100% conscious. I can still remember every detail of everything that transpired from the time I opened my eyes. I felt like nothing happened. No discomfort and pain. From then on I started to recover, not little by little but I had sudden improvements. Amazing things were happening. For example, just the day before, I can’t get up from the bed on my own, and then the next day I CAN! And that didn’t happen just once bur many times. God surprised me many many times and it’s really amazing!


 Here’s the list of my improvements. I’m not sure if everything is on this list, but one thing’s for sure: I had an amazing recovery!

1. My vision is brighter. It’s too bright though but I believe that my vision will still improve.

2. My vision is clearer. It’s not blurry anymore and I can do without eyeglasses.

3. I can see in the dark, I can see what’s happening inside a dark car at night, everything that’s going on in the dark parking lot & I can already see silhouette people or things in a dark room; it’s not all pitch black for me anymore.

4. My eyes don't hurt anymore when it's too bright. I can look in the sun without hurting my eyes. Of course it’s ‘nakakasilaw’ but my eyes don’t sting anymore.

5. I can eat on my own already. No one needs to feed me. I can properly shoot the spoon in my mouth again.

6. My left foot isn't swelling anymore (after 10 years).

7. My right eye is not too bulge out anymore. It went inside a little bit and is already parallel to the left.

8. My right eye can see. It’s still blurry because of the scar on my cornea but it it can see what my left eye can see.

9. My knees and legs are not weak anymore. I can stand by myself again.

10. I can sit on the bed. I can sit without backrest.

11. ’Kaya ko na uli ang sarili ko’

12. I can get up from lying down. I can do it without any help.

13. I am able to transfer from the bed too the chair & vice versa using my own strength

14. II don't easily get tired.

15. I can use the pedal & exercise again

16. My brain cells are already working because I can be able to write properly and my writing-style is already the same as before.

17. My arms and legs are not that skinny anymore.

18. I can easily find what I'm looking for as long as it's located somewhere that I can see. Unlike before, I I find it hard to see what's already in front of me.

19. I would always slouch when sitting and when I was weak, I needed someone's help to fix me and make me sit up straight, but not anymore! I can sit back straight again on my own and I can do it easily, without feeling like I am falling.

20. Before, the computer monitor in front of me needs to be open when I'm using the mirror for added light. Now, the light on the ceiling is already enough. I can use the mirror and use it properly even without an added light.

21. I don’t nearly fall off the chair anymore when reaching for things that’s near me.

22. I don't ‘hikbi' and hyperventilate at once when crying.

23. I’m less ‘madungis’ when eating. I can already control my food intake

24. My regular chewing & swallowing are back!

25. Minimized GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) ‘Nuff said.

26. No pain still. Period.

I believe that I have already finished my FULL RECOVERY because I can’t think of anything more to recover from. I feel so great! Everyday. Since day one.

I am ready to have the next cranial surgery for the removal of tumor in my optic wall. I am ready, but the Php700,000 isn’t ready yet. We are not yet done raising the funds. God will provide. HE always does. Maybe you are one of God’s instruments in helping us.

You are one of my countless blessings, right? Here are ways on how you can help.

1. Buy my book

Price: Php450.00 plus shipping fee (P60 Metro Manila, P100 Provincial)

You may place you order to me via Facebook or my mom, Madge Yarza – you can send her a PM on Facebook or contact her at  09272459400 and send us these details:
Contact Number:
Quantity of book/s:
Shipping Address:
You may send your payment via BDO, BPI, Money Transfer, or Paypal. Meet-ups can only be done in Kalentong & Hypermarket in Shaw Blvd. since it’s near our place.

2. Care & Share by donating

Savings Acct Number: 00 02 809 824 88

• BPI Express
Savings Account # 1899 394 7 51
Name: Maria Kathrina L. Yarza

• Money Transfer (Western Union, LBC, Cebuana-Lhuillier, MLhullier, Palawan, etc.)
Name of Recipient: Madeliene Lopez YarzaAddress: 451-M M. Vasquez Street, Barangay Harapin Ang Bukas, Mandaluyong City 1550 PhilippineContact #:  09272459400

• PayPal


In this way, you are bringing us closer to God. Both of us. You & Me.

4. Share my story to everyone you know

Forwarding this may reach people who wants to help as well. Internet and social media is very powerful these days.

“Through social media, missing persons are found; sick persons are given chances to live a healthy life. I say, that is the modern bayanihan movement.”

I often tell God: “Lord, please continue to do amazing things in my life so that I can keep on bragging how great YOU are.”

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