Friday, May 13, 2016

33 Years of awesome life! THANK YOU!!!!

People say that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. I don’t think so. On the night of May 13, 1983, Friday, after my mother went through 12 hours of labor, I came out of her womb via caesarian section.

But I did not make my first cry like normal babies do. I wasn’t even breathing. My umbilical cord was coiled around my neck and caused me to suffocate.

Bad luck? Definitely not, because I was brought back to life and I am alive today! 
(From 18 years, May 2011)

I am like a cat with many lives, but because my name is spelled as KCAT, I have more than just 9. I had zero respiration when I came out of my mom’s womb When I was a baby, my body was poured with boiling hot water. I had numerous surgeries, be it minor or major. I lost consciousness a couple of times. I had very risky brain surgeries. In 2005, everyone (including my doctors & nurses) thought I won’t survive and might end up dead.

I’ve been through s lot but I survived. I AM ALIVE TODAY!

Not once did I ever feel afraid or worried  because I know that God is with me and I was right. God is with me. He is all over me. He controls me. I am His instrument.

10 years ago, during my anxiety attack, I told Him that 22 years of life ii already enough. I got to enjoy it and it’s alright with me if my life has to end already. But God has better plans for me. The best!

"...I have always looked forward to my birthday. Maybe because of the cakes, balloons, gifts, and parties, be they simple or grand. When I became too old for those kiddie stuff, surprisingly, I was still excited for birthdays because I always believe that adding another year is something to celebrate about, until I matured more and understood that life is indeed a wonderful blessing from the One above..."

Thank you for my 33 wonderful years here on earth, Lord!

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