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MAY Birthday 2014 on May 17: Birthday Wishlist

It’s already summer time and the month of May is just around the corner! It’s going to be my birthday once again meaning MAY Birthday Project is here!!!
1st MAY Birthday Project in 2007
Since I was a child, I am always excited whenever my birthday’s coming because it means gifts, foods and party with my friends and cousins. Up until now, I still feel the same excitement because my birthday means there’ll be foods, gifts and family and friends to share and bring JOY to those who are in need.

In 2007, while travelling by car with my family, I was thinking aloud, “I want to celebrate my birthday with the kids in the hospital." Ideas kept coming out of my mind, but I told myself, “But we are not rich, how can we fund the event?”

I am rich with blessings though, blessings that I call family and friends, and so I’ve been sharing them with the patients of Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Charity wards.

7 years of gift-giving
Like most people who’s about to celebrate their birthday, I too have a birthday wishlist that I’ve been asking for 8 years now. Please give me a birthday gift from my wishlist and help us in making this year’s gift-giving event as successful as the previous years. Donate. Join. Support.

My Birthday Wishlist
New Toys
Diapers (for kids & adult)
Face Towels

and whatever you want to share (candies, pastries, thermometers, milk, etc.)

Monetary donations are very much welcome since we'll be buying foods and other goodies and necessities to make this event extra fun!

Having been confined in the hospital a number of times, I know that these toiletries are really of use to these patients. So that Instead of using whatever money they have come up with to buy those things, we are going to gift it to them instead; with foods of course (because what’s a celebration without foods and drinks?)! And because it's boring to just stay in the hospital bed, we have to give the kids something to do and play with.

We'll repack everything that we'll be able collect and on MAY 17, 2014 (Saturday), join us in distributing it and reach out to the patients of Pedia Ward 9 & 11, Neurosurgery (brain & spine), Pedia ICU, Neurology (w/ Neuro ICU) and Nursery.

We're not rich naman, so we won't be able to fund the whole thing without everyone's help.. salamat! Super happy talaga ako when I saw them na tuwang-tuwa pati na yung mga bantay nila.. Hehe. Para akong candidate sa election while i was roaming around.. wala nga lng shake hands, we're reaching out.. Kahit na I'm not a politician, celebrity or someone famous/influential to do that kind of stuff.. Go pa rin! Baket ba? gusto ko lng.." — Kcat, 2007
MAY Birthday Project have been going on for 8 years now. What started out as a simple idea became a reality and it became bigger and better each year. More people joining and sharing means a lot more happy patients.

"Ang saya kasi eh! I always say, I may not be able to smile, but I'm happy.. Super happy! Even though my vision is kinda blurry and it's difficult to see from afar, I can still recognize the smile on their faces and it really really brings so much joy whenever I see it. Every ward was filled with smiling faces, both the giver and the receiver.. Ang saya! Promise." — Kcat, 2008

"I kept fighting and living, and I'm a lot better now.. Yes I'm still sick, but I'm feeling great! Being sick doesn't mean you have to become, look, and feel sick. Ayun, I hope I gave them HOPE (ang redundant) to keep fighting & living.. Kasi nga LIFE is matter what!" — Kcat, 2009

"I got to share my blessings again.. Those blessings were not exactly the stuff that we gave them, but those who gave it — our families and friends (or friends of friends of friends...). They are my greatest blessing, along with my faith. I got to show them how my faith gives me hope. Habang may buhay, my pag-asa.. " — Kcat, 2010

"All in all, it is a tiring yet a fun-filled day. I may not be able to hear the people who wished me a “happy birthday” and said their “thank you” while going around, but I was able to see and feel how happy they were." — Kcat, 2011

Our group was initially composed of 28 people when we stated in 2007. Surprisingly, we reached over a hundred in in the last two years and we were able to interact with all the patients – learning their stories, giving words of encouragement, and praying for them. We were not there to shake our hands with them, but to reach out and lend a hand.

"Before the event, a few people told me of their interest to join the event, but they were hesitant because they were coming alone. I encouraged them to come because our purpose for joining the event are all the same. Indeed, many friendships bloomed because of the event. No one went home without gaining a newfound friend." — Kcat, 2012

"The event was so tiring especially because of the very hot weather. It was really exhausting, but with all the smiles and happiness that had been passed around, I must say that it was all worth it!" — Kcat, 2013

Together, let us share our time, effort, and resources to give the sick and the needy the hope to live a happy life. Join us. Donate. Share. Care. You may contact my mother Madge Yarza at 0927-2459400 or me at 0915-1325228 /0923-5219600.

Sharing doesn’t really have price tags. What matters most is that we are able to share our hearts and make these patients happy.

Meet-up points:
MRT Shaw station (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday at 3pm)
Hypermarket Shaw/JRU/Kalentong

SMS/Viber me at 09151325228
Sun# 09235219600

You may send your donations to:
451-M M. Vasquez St. Mandaluyong City 1550

If it needs to be picked up,
you can get in touch with my mom
at 09272459400 (Madge)

Monetary donations are very much welcome since we'll be buying foods and other goodies and necessities to make this event extra fun!

Send in your donations before May 10 since we'll have to repack everything before the event. #MAYbirthdayproject2014

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