Sunday, May 24, 2009


MAY Birthday Project 2009 was a success once again.. Yey! Of course it was fun fun fun! Thanks to everyone who shared with us by donating stuffs & joining us this afternoon.. It was tiring, yet super fulfilling ...and FUN! :D

Gift-giving to celebrate my birthday. The idea just popped on my mind 3 years ago out of nowhere. I feel so blessed and I want to share my blessings. Blessings doesn't necessarily mean material things.. My blessings are my friends & family. You. It has been a practice that during my previous birthdays, I would usually ask my friends and closest relatives for a very simple gift as my birthday wishlist. One time, I asked everyone to gift me the C2 iced tea, the following year it was cherry coke, then Chuckie chocolate milk, Cheetos, and so on. These were all my simple pleasures and it receiving it really made me happy. I had supplies for weeks.. Wee! :) As they say, it's the thought that counts, and I really felt their dedication, love and sincerity everytime!

So before my birthday in 2007, I texted all my friends asking for a gift. This time, I asked for toiletries and toys.. And so MAY Birthday Project was born.. Then I asked for their help again in 2008.. Then this year.. and as long as I'm celebrating my birthday, there'll be MAY Birthday Project.. Hehe. I don't really like soliciting from people. But if it's not for me naman, medyo makapal na ang mukha ko.. Haha.

I love MAY Birthday Project. A sick person (ako yon!) helping another sick person (in a way), Why not?! I was confined in the hospital before (a lot of times), just like them, I was also confined on the hospital bed. I was so weak, like most of them, I was so bored in the hospital most of the time. And just all of like them, my family has also experienced financial difficulties because of the never-ending bills, bills, bills!

Still, I kept fighting and living, and I'm a lot better now.. Yes I'm still sick, but I'm feeling great! Being sick doesn't mean you have to become, look, and feel sick. Ayun, I hope I gave them HOPE (ang redundant) to keep fighting & living.. Kasi nga LIFE is matter what!



  1. Hi again!

    Congratulations! Dami mo natulungan at napa-smile, Kat :)

    Bless your kind heart.

    Next year uli! ;)

  2. thanks for sharing & being a part of this event ms. nortehanon.. u're part of our success.. tc & God bless!

  3. Hi Kcat, Sorry, you got my email late. I am a May celebrant too. And what a way you celebrated your birthday. Now that you found my blog, we can keep in touch na. So until your next May Birthday celebration, I will be a part of it na. I will add you in my list.

  4. thanks thanks ms. ebie! u'll definitely be part of it next time.. I'll link you too in a while.. Thanks you very much. tc & God bless! :)

  5. hehe.. hindi ko makita yung comment ko kaya ulit na lang ako...

    Kongrats sa iyong May B'day projects..sana'y marami pang sumunod :)

    God bless you..

  6. yup! more birthdays & MAY birthday projects to come.. :)


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