Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shop & Help

I learned this site through Ate Karen Rambongga.. Visit Anja's online shop. Shop and help.

[...]Anja is deaf. She has profound hearing loss on both ears. She wears hearing aids but they are not enough to make her hear everything. Doctors and audiologists suggest cochlear implants but these are very, very, very expensive. (Mas mura pa bumili ng bagong Honda Civic, pramis.) In the meantime, I've enrolled her at the Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf where they use total communication or all modes that can be used for communicating- from made up gestures to lip reading to formal signing. (I've noticed, though, that most, if not all, of the students at this school sign, even if they are able to talk.)

Anyway.. everything here will go to Anja's care. For her tuition, therapy sessions, amplification maintenance, and everything else that she needs to help her hear and talk. As a single and full-time mom (translation: sorta kinda busy being katulong and yaya, w/ very limited budget, hehe), I would really, really appreciate it if this site doesn't get deceptive, dishonest, and pretend buyers.
-Anja's Mom

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