Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Excited but not yet ready

..for MAY Birthday Project on May 23..

Dami na.. Pero kulang pa rin.. So keep the donations coming.. Super deadline on Wednesday since we'll still be packing it..

Complete na ang:



and Shampoo

We still need lots of Tissue, Soap, alcohol, powder, cotton, powdered full cream milk (like alaska & bear brand in sachet), toys, etc.

my mom already bought packs of cotton buds & face towel this afternoon.. so that's already complete.. the food that'll be distributed is all set.. Jollibee spag c/o DE Macud & Tito Ernie.. We'll just buy juice in tetra pack & cupcakes.. :)


  1. Hi tack.. how are you? ^^

    waw.. birthday project for whom?

  2. hey satona! it's been a while.. i made up that birthday project.. coz i celebrate my birthday in the hospital.. i hold a gift-giving event.. i collect items like toiletries & toys from my friends and distribute it to the sick kids in the hospital.. anyway, i'm great! excited for tomorrow.. how are you?


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