Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prayers from the heart

My mom told me the news about her friend Tita Dorie who is currently in the ICU again. Sad. :(

w/ Tita Dorie in 2009

This came from my mom:

My friend from high school, dorie tayag ang or boston lady is in the Intensive Care Unit of Perpetual Hospital in Laguna now. She was diagnosed with heart enlargement that affected her lungs due to the abnormal size of her heart.
she has been in and out of the hospital for quite sometime since later part of last year. last weekend she was rushed again to the hospital, she was told then that heart transplant is the only option, but would she always resists. Honestly, financially she is well-off, no problem about the funds.

This afternoon I called her in the ICU, she answered my call, though she's quite weak. as usual i still can crack a joke with her to make her strong. She would always tell me she is so inspired by my strength and she loves it when i come visit her in the hospital then. Kanina, i told her, dorie be strong kapit lang, kapit lang, maraming nagmamahal sa iyo, if we could all put together that love, sana pwedeng puso na yun na ilalagay sa iyo. miracles happen.

After that talk, i realized that YES we can all put together that love for dorie to make that HEART for her, and that is called the MIRACLE. We can make it ha[[en. Prayers can move mountains i believed in that. And this is why I am here now appealing to you guys. Let's help dorie get that HEART, please pray for her.

thank you so much, it means alot
-Madge Yarza

I so love Tita Dorie! Let's pray for her.. Thanks!

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