Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ferdie Caral will get better

Baby +Nate+ is an angel! Even though he already passed, his family remains an instrument of God in helping other 'sick kids' here on earth. I got this from Yan (Nate's mom):

Baby Ferdie Caral is diagnosed with congenital heart defect when he was 3-month old. His heart condition is called Tetralogy of Fallot. His family was advised corrective heart surgery immediately but because of lack of financial capacity, they were unable to do so. He is now 4 years old and his condition is getting worse. His delay of speech is an obvious indication aside from his dusky lips and nailbeds. Because of his developmental delay, he is also advised to do neurodevelopmental consult. However, first thing first! Fix the heart!

We are helping Ferdie's family look for donors of his surgery in the form of foundations. We have contacted many. Please help us pray that they will respond favorably so that baby Ferdie will have a better chance at life.

We hope you can extend help to Ferdie. His immediate need is a repeat 2d echo and chest xray exams. You may give not only financial help but also in the form of medicine. Your prayers are most important too.

You can get in touch with Ferdie's mother,
Rose Caral
Cellphone#: 0929 6920416

Documents & pictures can be found here.

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