Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kcat on CHINK POSITIVE (Watch & Listen)

Alice, my Pc, is malfunctioning again and won't open.. Huhuhu! I'm sad. But at least i could still go online, update my facebook, check my email(s), boost my karma in plurk, play gamesssss, harvest my crops in farville (haha), etc etc. Though I can't watch in viki & dramacazy, it's alright coz there's a youtube app anyway.. Thanks to my IPAD!

I just can't upload the pics from yesterday.. Sabi ko na, I should buy a dock/cable for my cam.. ;P anyway, i was invited yesterday by Dra. Veloso to deliver a motivational/inspirational talk to Physical Therapy students of Manila Central University in celebration of National Disability Prevention & Rehabilitation Week. Special thanks to doc-driver Tito Rino & p.a.-camerawoman Tita Angie for coming w/ us..

Haaay kainis! I still can't upload the pics.. Pero on the brighter side, I am able to blog saka madami pa.. ^__^

Anyway, I'll be guesting on CHINK POSITIVE at 92.3 News FM, on Sunday (july24) 6-8am - simulcast via Interaksyon Tv on UHf (free tv) ch.41. (formerly UNTV)

Hosted by: Chinkee Tan

Global Destiny Cable - ch.9
Sky Cable - ch.59

Davao & Cebu (free tv) - ch.29

Online Radio Streaming -

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