Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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TJ Manotoc: Here's the story of a girl whose extraordinary love for life is helping her battle a rare disease and inspiring everyone around her. Anne Yosuico has more.

Anne Yosuico: Kathrina Yarza is 25* years old. Because of brain tumors, she can't walk, can't feel her face, can't swallow, can't see well, and can't hear. Despite everything she cannot do, Kcat could be one of the most hopeful and humorous people ever to be affected with Neurofibromatosis Type 2.

Kcat: Hindi porket may sakit ako eh wala na, corny na ko, ganyan.. Hindi naman hihinto ang world para sa yo, di ba.. ikaw ang makiki-jive.. ganun lang..

Anne Yosuico: Kcat's also a business woman. She started a graphics design business with a friend using her design skills, an old desktop, and only her right hand. She hopes to raise 1.5
million pesos so she can get an implant that will help her hear again.

Kcat: My life must go on.. eh may sakit nga ko pero ang dami ko pa din nagagawa, gagawin ko yun..

Anne Yosuico: One of kcat's doctor, Charlotte Chiong is one of the country's top neuro othologist. She says the surgery Kcat will go through has only been done 10 times** before in the country. And for Kcat it would be unique and quite expensive.

Dr. Chiong: We've seen probably more than 200 tumors like this but in those cases it only involves one ___***. So we've probably seen tumor involvement of both sides in about 10 patients and this is what she has. On top of that she also has tumors in her spine and that's basically the reason why she has had problems with mobility.

Kcat: Talagang hindi ako nakatulog. Hinihintay ko magising mommy ko tapos sinabi ko sa kanya. Saka pa lang ako natulog kasi talagang excited na ko na may masabihan na ready na kong makarinig.

Anne Yosuico: Kcat is buoyed by the love and support of family and friends but even her parents are amazed by Kcat's fighting spirit. Her mom Marge**** is also sick with Lupus as well.

Ate Madge: When I feel weak, siya yung iniisip ko na, siya yung, bakit siya hindi nakakarinig. Bakit siya di nakakagalaw yung kalahating katawan niya pero tuloy pa din ang buhay sa kanya. Sa 'kin lagi kong iniisip, ako rin kaya ko kasi ako nakakalakad ako. Kumbaga, Lupus lang yung sakit ko, siya mas matindi. Kaya kung kaya niya mas kaya ko pa rin. Yung strength ko talaga sa kanya ko kinukuha lahat.

Anne Yosuico: Her dad, Egay, is a funny guy who keeps them all entertained but he actually broke down during the interview. A first since Kcat was diagnosed on August of 2004. He feels like all their hardships are a test their family has passed with flying colors.

Kuya Egay: ..Para hindi mawala yung faith ko.. Nakita ko yung the goodness in people. Yung tulong na dumating na.. you don't expect it from certain people na magkukusa (mag)bibigay. Support, na kung ano man, encouragement.. Actually napahiya ako before, I used to judge people dun lang sa itsura eh. and then suddenly hindi mo sila napapansin, hindi kinikibo, inii-snob. Sila mismo kusa nago-offer ng tulong sa'yo.

Kcat: Kasi talagang alam ko naman na, posible talaga lahat lahat.

Anne Yosuico: Kathrina Yarza's inspiring journey is a reminder. Life only gives us challenges, we CAN handle. Reporting for News Central, Anne Yosuico, ABS-CBN News.

TJ Manotoc: You too can help Kathrina Yarza hear again. Check out these shirts we were given. Thanks to Kcat and her whole family who are watching.

Ria Tanjuatco-Trillo: They costs only 300 pesos each and you can get a hold of one and make a difference in Kcat's life by visiting

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