Saturday, November 17, 2007


me and my fam was interviewed by an abs-cbn reporter (anne yosuico) yesterday which will be aired on news central on studio23 on monday night.. wow diba? ;P she was a friend of my cousin (taj) pala.. kasi i asked my friends and relatives to keep on forwarding the email i sent regarding my fund raising, the hEAR shirts and my mom's solicitation letter.. eh syempre my blogs and my other sites are linked to it.. syempre she read about my so-called drama in life and presented in to her boss.. ayun! instant celebrity! joke. ;P
ang saya lang.. i'm aware naman that i'm inspiring people who has read my blogs.. pero di ko sinasadya.. promise! hehe. i'm just living a normal life, extraordinarily well.. nakana! bosconian talaga! hehe. ;P i don't have a halo noh.. sungay pa.. hehe. basta live for the moment lang lagi.. ;) i can't recall the question na eh.. basta she asked me ata why i still have my humor.. o baka pauso ko lang.. hehe. baka tumor.. ;P i dunno the answer din ata.. hehe. eh basta ganun ako ako eh.. i don't need to act differently or change who i am just because my life seem to be a little different and complicated.. little daw oh? ;P i was ask din ata about the support i get from my friends and family.. what about them? di ko na alam.. haha! basta everything that's happening is fine with me.. like i said before (sinabi ko nga ba? ;P) the world won't live with you, you have to live with it.. basta ganon.. gets? and one more thing.. maybe one of the so many many reasons why everything seem to be easy for me right now cause i really don't regret and no what if's.. yung mga "what if" na-trip lang.. things and stuffs that's playing in me and my friends imagination.. chikahan ever.. usapang lasing.. ganon-ganon.. haha! pero so far kahit pano i could say that i've lived my life to the fullest kaya keri lang.. there's good and bad, happy and sad.. balance naman though i got no balance right now.. hehe. ;P do you get my point in this post? ako i don't.. haha! ;P

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