Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MIRACLES do happen

woohoo! I'm so happy.. happy.. happy.. woohoo! i'm gonna hear! woohoo! everything is going well... it started when i accidentally searched about ABI on the internet.. that's already a MIRACLE! then another MIRACLE i've recieved was when i had good results in my hearing tests.. it's not so positive but negative either.. it shows that my auditory nerve is still responding..then we consider dr. brackman is really a God sent.. my mom was just inquiring about the PABI and he offered to give his medical opinion regarding my MRIs Free of charge!
dr. brackman one of the best doctor in the world.. yes, in the world! after a few weeks we sent the copy of the MRI plates in cd to dr. brackman's office in House Ear Institute, CA USA.. then after a few days, he emailed my mom with his opinion.. he said that cochlear implant might work for me but i still need to undergo another test.. the promontory stimulation.. cochlear implant has lower risk that ABI.. CI is for deaf, while ABI is for super deaf.. got my analogy? my point is, i'm just deaf. period. haha! i'm still not so sure if its CI or ABI.. either way, I'm Going to HEAR! yeah! then we had a meeting with the country manager of Med-el here in the Philippines yesterday.. ms. maribel was also God sent to us.. our meeting with her really went positively well.. I'll be able to hear early next year.. ;) the target date for the surgery is january or february 2008.. though it's not final yet.. she'll be presenting it to the main office in australia, then we'll close the deal! basta i know i'll be hearing again.. next year daw sabi ni Lord.. wahaha! ;P then this afternoon someone texted me.. ABANGAN!!! ;p

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