Thursday, May 11, 2017

Why are you not 100% PWD-friendly, Circuit Makati? WHY?

Dear Circuit Makati,

I’ve been hearing (reading, technically, for I am deaf) a lot of good things about you – good online reviews and positive feedback from family and friends. To celebrate my dad’s birthday, we wanted to try a different place. As I went out of the car, the view from the parking was nice – it was spacious and well-lit in the evening. I was excited! There was even a designated PWD parking slot. But for a little while, I WAS STUCK. There was no pathway for my wheelchair to access the mall - NO RAMPS IN SIGHT AND BIG HEAVY PLANT POTS FENCED ONE SIDE. So, HOW? How do I get to the mall? How do I get out of the parking lot?  Fortunately, kuya guard willingly helped when asked (Thank you). He moved the pot to give enough space for me to pass.

True enough, the place was really nice! I really liked it! I did enjoy the food, the dessert, coffee and a little window shopping. I strolled around and even had my photo taken with the rubber duckies! In all fairness, the walkways were big enough. It was convenient for families, babies in strollers and PWDs in wheelchairs like me.  It was almost perfect but sometimes forgetting the little things or details that would only benefit a few (like PWDs) matter big time. Like me, with limited mobility and moves by my wheelchair, ACCESSIBILITY IS PART OF THE EXPERIENCE. Ramps and appropriate and well-thought of placement of plant pots make a big difference.

I am thankful for the positive reception of @_CircuitMakati (Twitter account) on the photo posted on this. Yes, I would still want to go back. I really hope that malls alike will continue to support working towards a “PWD-friendly” Philippines.

Can’t wait for my next lakwatsa!

Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza
(Lakwatserang Naka-wheelchair)

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