Sunday, May 14, 2017

May 13 is Kcat’s Birthday and then May 14 is Mother’s Day

May 13 came once again. I was happy because of course it means 34 years of life, but at the same time, I was a bit sad because it will be the first time in 34 years that my mom won’t greet me personally on my birthday coz she is admitted in the hospital (that’s what I really wanted for her though).

And then the next thing I know, we were on our way to Manila Medical Hospital and I was in my mom’s room. Not only that, we celebrated my birthday there. There were foods, banners, cakes, family, friends and MY MOM.

Right now, my mom has Cellulitis (a fatal bacterial skin infection) on her hand and arm. She’s being treated right now and might undergo hand surgery on the part of where the abscess is, to allow the pus to drain out before it spreads.

So, please continue praying for my mom, okay?


 Stay there in the hospital and be well. Don’t only recharge your energy so that you can use your energized-self when you get home. May you leave all the pain, problems, stress and negativity there after you leave the hospital, soon? Of course, soon. Coming soon. But for now, rest, relax and be well and gracefully welcome your 53rd birthday in 13 days.

“My mom is not a superwoman with super powers. But for me, she is a supermom with a powerful heart.”

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