Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wanna know my birthday wish?

“Most of us consider our birthdays as a significant and meaningful event in our lives. We celebrate it in different ways, but what is important is that we have to be thankful because it is the day that we had been given our precious life here on earth. We have to live through the days, months, and years in spite and despite all the events in our lives.

Having another birthday means a new day is waiting for us to experience life. We may be a year older, but we definitely grow wiser and stronger.”

(28 years – May 23, 2011)

And today is my 34th year of being THANKFUL! So thankful.

I am SO HAPPY and VERY GRATEFUL that I have been living a wonderful life for 34 years now.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, mother. Thank you, father. Thank you, sister. Thank you, brother. Thank you, family. Thank you, friends.  Thank you neighbors. Thank you, supporters. Thank you, strangers. Thank you, doctors. Thank you to everyone who became a part of my life at the same time, thank you for making me a part of your lives. Thank you, you, you, you and everyone. Again, thank you, MOMMY. And most importantly, thank you Lord God, our Heavenly Father that I am able to say “THANK YOU” with full of meaning.

Words aren’t really enough to describe how grateful I am feeling.

There are lots and lots and lots of reasons why I am so thankful and I want to share with you the most recent reason that I am thankful for…

Ever since I can’t remember, I would always have a very painful headache every summer. But who doesn’t experience headache during a hot weather anyway. It became worse after my brain tumors showed up and I was diagnosed with NF2.  The pain in my head became severe, and my head easily gets really hot. I’m a hot-headed person. Literally. Haha. My head can get so hot, inside and outside and can even be felt from an inch away. You can feel the hot pressure around it when you touch my head. 2 fans with air conditioner is not enough at times. Plus my head would always feel like it’s so heavy and it’s would suddenly get stiff and I have a hard time moving it for a while whenever I feel so hot and thirsty. It’s like having a leg cramps on the head. Ouch.  That goes on summer after summer (March to May and on a hot weather). The aggressive brain tumors showed up when I was diagnosed with NF2 in August 2004, so it’s been 12 years more or less and sadly I already got used to it now. But on the brighter-side, because I am already used to it, I already know what do to minimize the pain. I can’t really stop it from happening but I have found out a way to lessen it and it’s called: PREVENTION IS BETTER HAN CURE. Yes, everyone about knows it but unfortunately, not everyone is applying it in their lives. Sad truth. Oh well.

Fast-forward to summer 2017, the very painful headache, the heavy head and the very hot head that I was expecting didn’t come and it’s already the month of May and nothing still. WOW. It’s so amazing! Of course I can also feel the very hot weather this season but it really is different. My head is still hot but it’s not the usual “super hot-headed” anymore and 1 fan that’s facing me and my head is already enough. Headache is not totally gone. I still get headache from time to time. Total of  5 times this year started. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful headache I’ve experienced. Amazingly, the most painful now is 3 or 4. It’s not really that painful, it’s just irritating so I would take paracetamol for it to disappear and amazingly again, the irritating pain that’s not really that painful would suddenly disappear in 10 minutes or less.

It’s really amazing, right? 

This AMAZING FEELING is not only about my head, it’s just a part of it. Amazing things keeps on happening to me and I feel so good! I never thought that there’s more to the “more than okay” that I used to feel month ago and I feel greater than “I feel so great!” 

So my birthday wish is for everyone to feel this AMAZING FEELING that I have because it’s really giving me a hard time thinking of words to describe it.

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