Monday, January 3, 2011

Super Blessed 2010!

The end of 2010 & the start of 2011 has been very busy that's why it's only now that I finished making my supposed to be year-end post.. ;P 2010 has been full of BLESSINGSSS!

January 26
I was chosen an 1 of the 7 finalists for Cebuana-Lhuillier's Search for Happiest Pinoy and invited at the final judging..

February 6
Our batch was the host & I was one of the organizers.. ;)

February 17
Happiest Pinoy Awards Night.. I didn't get the grand prize, 
but I'm still a winner.. ;)

February 18
was featured in Business Mirror

March 8
Was featured on Manila Bulletin

April 10 (?)
Talitha's Graduation!

April 19-22
I was admitted at the hospital due to Pneumonia.. and had a speedy recovery.. Thank you Lord!
Waaah! Computer pa rin! ;P

May 14
Listen with a healthy hEARt: Benefit Birthday Dinner

May 22
this was our fourth.. yey!

June 22
the tumors on my legs shrunk! Amazing!

and sometime in June, I got the offer to write a column on Manila Bulletin.. :)

July 5

July 10

July 22

August 18

September 25
Shoot with my NFF for Alagang Kapatid

September 29
I joined the Pagbabago Blog contest sponsored bu Goldilocks & Nuffnang

October 5
My almost blind right eye's vision worsen.. and miracle happened again after a few weeks, it went back to being almost blind! ;P

October 8
ROCK N ERA: Benefit Concert featuring The Dawn, True Faith & Bamboo

October 12
by Ms. Patricia Evangelista

October 16
register & vote for me.. Nominee#9.. Thanks!

October 22
I won the best over-all blog at Goldilocks contest..

October 30
My NFFriends & I was featured on TV5's Alagang Kapatid hosted by Ms. Cheryl Cosim-Alvarez

November 12
I posted this on my blog: My mom's write-up about me.. This was the entry she submitted for Happiest Pinoy..

December 5
My 4th MED-EL Christmas Party

December 6
I was invited at the International Day of Persons with Disabilities at Mandaluyong City Hall with Benhur Abalos

December 18 & 19
Pangasinan trip.. Hundred Islands & Manaoag..
with Tatay Joel & Manong Joel

December 22
Storyline Christmas Special on Abs-Cbn.. My story was chosen as 1 of the top 3 stories with the biggest impact this season.. :D

December 23
“If you want to receive blessings, be a blessing."
-Fr. Monch,(Dec23 Misa De Gallo)

December 24 & 25
with the Peeps & Family

December 28
Students & Campuses Glee Christmas Party

December 29
Annual Christmas Dinner with my highschool barkada ♥♥♥

December 30
Post Christmas Dinner with th GYA Peeps

December 31 - January 1, 2011
New Year's Party with the Peeps!

Let's all have an awesome year ahead!
Happy 2011!


  1. super duper blessed talaga! i'm v v happy for you Ate Kcat! mwah

  2. @ysiad: buong araw kong ginawa yan, nalula ako sa dami! buong araw kasi tanghali na ko nagising tapos nung wala ng araw, tapos ko ng gawin.. haha. ate ka jan! TSE!

  3. ang dami mong exposure and schedules! para kang starlet hehehe

    hope all exposures would raise more money for your health

    and hope more blessings to come

  4. @ate berry: pati ako nalula nung ginawa ko yan.. haha! more blessings to us.. yey!!! *mwah*

  5. super blessed 2010
    more blessings this 2011...
    God bless

  6. @jen: yes! super more blessings to us this year.. *mwah*


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