Saturday, November 13, 2010

Prayers for JP of

I saw that on my fb wall since I 'liked' Let's Go Sago on Facebook

Someone needs a prayer daw, so I clicked the link..

I have no idea who this JP was, though his blog looked familiar..
Maybe I dropped by his blog before.. Then I saw that he is "promking". I know him. Kinda.. He was my friend in plurk before, before I deleted my account, but I'm back now.. I remember he mentioned to me that he living in Sta. Mesa (near PUP yata?) and he tols me that he used to go to DBS til he was in grade 1(?) and his section was Acacia, I think. 

Anyway, I have read that He was shot by a robber in a holdup incident. He is currently in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.. He is already in a stable condition although the bullet is still in his back, about 2cm deep.. He needs our prayers.. Let's pray for him..

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