Tuesday, November 23, 2010

KCAT CAN: Miracles do happen

Fr. Joey Faller's Healing Mass

"...It is faith that makes miracles happen. According to our faith, so shall it be done."

by Maria Kathrina Lopez Yarza
November 23, 2010

MANILA, Philippines – Each day is a miracle. Just being able to live through the rest of the day is a miracle. Breathing the air of tomorrow is another miracle.

A miracle causes great happiness among people. From a biblical perspective, it is an event in the external world brought about by the immediate and simple volition of God. I do believe in miracles. They happen every single minute. There are no explanations necessary, they just happen, and we know that they do happen because we can feel them when they happen.


I have indomitable faith in the power of prayers. I feel much safer when I pray and I feel more comforted and loved when I know that someone is praying for my sake.

I love attending healing masses because of the solemnity of the Mass itself. Everybody unites as one lifting up prayers for a common intention: to be healed.

I chanced upon the story of Fr. Joey Faller, a healing priest. I was curiously interested in attending his Mass. He is in Lucban, Quezon and it is too far from our place; that was why I was thrilled when I found out that he regularly officiates Holy Mass at the SM Megamall, which is located near my place of residence. Since July 2007, my Mom and I have religiously attended Fr. Joey’s healing mass every first Friday of the month. During the healing mass, although I am aware of everything that is ongoing, I cannot hear nor understand anything because of my hearing disability.

The first time we attended Fr. Joey’s healing mass, I felt the warmth of his hands when he touched me and prayed over me. I cannot deny that I felt a sense of comfort in those warm hands that touched me.

I recited a prayer and felt the overwhelming power of Jesus over me, that Jesus was touching me. Fr. Joey snapped his fingers beside my ears. I did not hear the snapping sound. He told me, “You will hear in God’s time.”

In August of the same year, my Mom and I attended mass again. I still did the warmth and comfort of Jesus in his touch. Perhaps I was merely hallucinating to think of it as reality, but I knew then that it was my faith that led me to believe that it was a thing of reality and not mere illusion. Fr. Joey said, “It is not yet God’s time.”

After a few days, while I was surfing the Internet, I accidentally stumbled upon a device that could possibly make me hear again. We consulted my doctors and they told me that I could benefit from that hearing device. It is indeed a miracle! With my disorder (NF2), if the auditory nerves were damaged by the tumors inside my brain, it is impossible for those nerves to be functional. All of the hearing tests that I underwent showed a positive result. My left auditory nerves were still viable. I could benefit from a cochlear implant with a less evasive surgery which is rare in cases like mine. Only less than 10 people in the whole world has it, and I am one of them.

The year 2008 was God’s time for me. I was able to hear again the beautiful sounds that this world produces.


Joseph “Joey” Ayala Faller was born on June 19, 1964 in Lucban, Quezon. He was ordained to priesthood at St. Ferdinand Cathedral in Lucena City on Sept. 9, 1989. He decided to devote his full time in the healing ministry after learning about the different healing incidences attributed to his ministering work.

At first, he refused to believe God’s gift to him. He prayed over a paralyzed woman in a wheelchair; and to everyone’s amazement, the woman stood up and walked. In another healing mass, he a vision of a woman in red blouse who was a cancer patient. Just right before he ended the mass, he asked the crowd if there was a woman among them who was diagnosed with cancer. To his amazement, a woman wearing a red blouse suddenly stood up and declared that she was suffering from cancer of the bone. She was instantly healed after Fr. Joey heard her confession and prayed over her.

Even with all these testimonies, he still remained in doubt. It was only on April 8, 1994, when he totally embraced God’s gift of healing. He had an accident that almost cost him his life. His right hand was damaged and the small finger and index finger of his right hand became permanently bent and could not be straightened even by surgery.

But he realized that his right hand seemed to have resembled the hands of the Little Jesus (known as El Senor Santo Nino) and the hands of the risen and victorious Christ. The accident confirmed God’s call for him to become an instrument of healing for the sick. His right hand has become a constant reminder that it is God’s healing hands that work through him. It is God, not him, who heals. He is merely a healing servant of God.

Jesus performed miracles in His earthly life. I believe that they are living pictures that talk to us of lessons. They refresh us. They show us the matchless power and might of our God, and His endless and wondrous compassion for the suffering humanity. Through miracles, God opens to us that His method in working with man is not the same in all cases. Being the Potter, He does not fashion the Clay, His creations, in the same mold. His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways. Yet, one thing is for sure, many of His miracles are performed because of His compassion, and at the faithful call of the suffering and the needy.

It is faith that makes miracles happen. According to our faith, so shall it be done.

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